Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking back on previous posts, I notice that I say "y'all"   A LOT!  Apparantly, when I came back from living in North Carolina I picked up a bit of an accent.   You will not hear that word come out of my mouth lately!  I have stuck to my northern roots and actually migrated even more north to Plattsburgh, NY. 

In August of last year I received a job offer at "Culinary Health Investors" up here in Plattsburgh.  Plattsburgh is wayyyy up north (about an hour south of Montreal)  and VERY cold.   But it is beautiful up here and I have adjusted nicely.  I have an apartment right by Lake Champlain and a short 8 minute commute to work. 

I discussed the nature of my work as an R&D chef in this post last year, but since I am at a different company my work is more concentrated on developing recipes as well as formulating the nutrition label and calculating pricing for the meals.   No more making staff lunch or working on side catering jobs.  Most of my day is spent in my test kitchen, which is adjacent to my work space where I just so happen to have a desk next to my best friend Nikki who just happens to be the purchasing director and just so happened to start working here right about the same time I did.

Right outside of my test kitchen is the big plant where thousands of meals are being made.  It is an extremely sterile enviornment so lab coats and hair nets must be worn at all times.  My mom came to visit a month or so ago and I gave her a tour.  When I told her she had to wear a hair net she was mortified and asked if she can at least stick her bangs out!  No, Mom..this isn't a fashion runway.. everbody's wearing the same thing and nobody will think you look weird :)   What do Y'ALL think (sorry I had to):

I'll get more into some of the meals I make in later posts.   I mostly make diet meals, specifically for a diet program called "Bistro MD", which is based down in Florida and for a new Campbells diet/medical program.  Lately I have also been working on different projects for Marlees Seafood, Ahold, Costco, and Weight Watchers.

I'm off to relax for the rest of the night!  I'll be back with more fun posts! :)


Anonymous said...

What a view to wake up to everyday... Lucky you.. The Salmon dish my favorite looks delish.... looking forward to future blogs and great recipes !!!!! luv cuz

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