Lesson 46: Saladworks

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing got in my way as I made my way to school today!  It was nice getting back into my normal routine-- sitting in the same spot on the train, having the same "good morning" exchanges to the ticket guy, watching the same crazy lady at Starbucks talk to herself while I sip on green ginger tea and have a light lunch, and walk the same route to school.

I stopped at the 6th floor before heading up to class so I can get my NJ transit forms stamped.  While I was there, I remembered to see if I could meet with the externship advisor (since I was supposed to meet with her yesterday).  Thankfully she was available and gave me some very helpful insight on externship possibilities.  After our meeting I realized I have a lot to think about and research so that I can make a good decision.

Today Chef Ana walked us through the steps that we should take for our practical exam on Thursday.  I really don't feel nervous at all anymore.  After practicing yesterday and getting more tips today, I feel like it should go smoothly (I hope!).  The hardest part is just cooking the steak perfectly, but I think I'll do okay!

We spent the rest of the day making a variety of salads.  Each group made a different salad to make.  At the end of class we had a salad feast!  

Our group prepared 3 salads; Tuna Nicoise Salad (which was plated beautifully by Al):

Walnut Lentil Salad:

And a Mediterranean Potato Salad:The other groups made the following salads: Parson's Garden Salad (with poached quail eggs and fried julienned carrots & celery root):American Potato Salad:

Tabbouleh Salad:

Mixed Bean & Grain Salad:Cobb Salad:

And Egg Salad:

We also had a variety of cheeses from Chef Ted's class to try and some sweet treats from the pastry class down the hall (of course we shared our salads too!)

I can't believe I only have two more days of Module 2 left!  I have my written exam tomorrow (followed by sandwich day) and then the practical exam on Thursday!  I better start studying!!!!


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