Lesson 72: SUSHI

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today was our very last day of Module 3! I can't believe that we are done cooking for the next 2 weeks to begin baking and decorating! I'm not sure how I feel about it.. I've always loved cooking more than baking, but maybe I'll love this module and change my career path to baking! Ya never know ;)

Before we took the written exam, we got our sushi rice on the stove so that it could be cooked and cooled down by the time we were ready to assemble the sushi. Once we finished the exam, each group began prepping all of the components for our sushi. We had to julienne vegetables, prep crab meat, slice tuna, prepare the spicy tuna, prepare spicy aioli's, and marinate & saute duck. Here is our vegetable and wasabi mis en place:

After Chef Lori demonstrated how to roll the different styles of sushi, we got to work. We rolled 5 different styles today: Maki (thin roll), Futo Maki (fat roll), Temaki (cone-shaped), Inari-Zushi (fried tofu-filled), and Nigri Sushi (golf-ball sized, oval shaped).

I actually really enjoyed making the sushi. It was fun to make all the different styles and add different vegetables and seafood to each. It was rewarding to present all of our beautiful sushi rolls at the end of class. My group presented 3 plates:

I can't wait to make sushi again! This weekend I'm going to go out and buy a sushi mat :)


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