Lesson 80: Bread & Pizza Dough

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yesterday was a wonderful day for many reasons-- it was another sunny, warm day, it was Friday, it was going to be an easy bread making day in the kitchen, and it's going to be a gorgeous weekend!

We started out the class by making 2 types of dough: soft bread dough and semolina bread dough. After these were done, they had to ferment and rise for about an hour. While our bread was rising, we got to work on our pizza dough (that we're going to use on Monday). Instead of working in pairs, we made huge batches in our table groups.

We had to use the extra large mixers:

We gradually mixed in the flour (very carefully so that it didn't get all over--one group had a little mishap with the flour and it showered all over them and the walls haha)

My favorite girls acting silly trying to scrape out the dough:

By the time the pizza dough was done, our bread doughs were ready to work with. For the soft roll dough, we made a variety of shapes. I made a simple 2-strand twist and a knot roll. I also made a bunch of "onion pockets", but most of them opened up in the oven :(

We formed loaves out of the semolina dough. Here is my loaf that I sprinkled with cornmeal:

After class I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk around the city. I sat in the park for a while and read/people watched.. it was wonderful. At 7:00 I headed to wine class to try some West coast wines! Here were my favorites:

Willamette Valley, Pinos Gris, Benton Lane 2008.
$15; A great summer wine. Very light & fresh. I tasted fruity apple and green pear. It was a bit acidic, but very pleasant.

Chalk Hill (Russian River), Sauvignon Blanc 2006. $33; A heavier white; rich with a calm acidity

Columbia Valley, Riesling, 'Eroica', Dr. Loosen, Chateau Ste. Michelle 2008. $23; light, sweet, and acidic. This wine goes great with spicy foods.

Napa, Zinfandel, Chateau Montelena 2006. $30; Very round and juicy wine. I tasted wild berries with a hint of earthiness. This was my favorite wine of the night!

Napa, Cabernet Sauvignon, 'Georges de Latour Private Reserve', Beaulieu Vineyard 2006. (I left before he gave the price for this one); Very complex with vanilla and mocha flavors. There were hints of very dark berries and oak.

Time to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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