Lessons 88 & 89: Production Days

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

These past two days at school there hasn't been much to report about. I think I took a total of 2 pictures (and then left my camera at school..). We have been working to produce a variety of desserts and dessert components/decorations for our final plating designs (that we will be completing tomorrow & Thursday).

Yesterday I made a white peach sorbet and a strawberry sauce. We also made batter for "tulips", which are thin cookies that we baked off today in different designs.

We are working in groups of 4 and are competing for the best production and plating designs. Today our group made pate sablee for some cookies and small tart shells. We also made a HUGE batch of chocolate mousse (mmmmm!). Along with that, we managed to produce the tulip cookies, crepes, poached pears, and espresso caramel sauce. It was definitely a busy day!

Tomorrow I'm "chef in charge" of my group.. We will be producing more desserts and finally putting together all of the components from the past several days to design some dessert plates.

OH.. and we were told who our chef instructor is for Module 5........ Chef Chris! I'm really excited because he is an amazing chef! He's tough, but I'm so eager to learn from him (and hopefully toughen up a bit).


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