Pasta alla Norma

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today my grandparents came over for dinner and it was my job to figure out a dinner to make that my grandparents would like, who are very picky and only like italian food and nothing too crazy.. and also something my dad would like, who doesn't like most vegetables or anything healthy... and something my mom would like, who doesn't eat red meat or anything that's not healthy.  Sooo, it was extremely difficult but I finally found a recipe from an old Rachael Ray mag called "End of Summer Penne alla Norma".  It's a simple tomato, eggplant pasta dish.  I figured I would get fresh homemade whole wheat pasta, satisfying my health-conscious mom and my dad and grandparents who like the softer taste of homemade pasta.  I figured I would pick out the eggplant for my dad's dish and I picked up some ready-to-bake meatballs from wegmans to add some meat to the meal for my dad and grandpa.  I also substituted parsley for the mint to mix into the ricotta.  Other than that, I followed the recipe almost exactly.. just adding some italian seasoning and crushed red pepper for extra flavor.  I ended up realizing there was wayy too much eggplant to pick out for my dad so I heated up some leftover tomato sauce to top his pasta and gave him extra meatballs, so he was happy. The meal was great.. my mom and I especially enjoyed the flavorful eggplant with the fresh tomatoes and pasta.  The ricotta made it really cream and delectable.  A fresh salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and craisons made it a perfect meal.  I would definitely make it again!  There's a little bit leftover for lunch or dinner later this week :)    I'll post a pic or 2 later of the pasta, although they didn't turn out great and I forgot to take a picture of a dish made up with the ricotta!  Here's the recipe on rachael ray's website:


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